life quality in Chantilly

CHANTILLY is located :

  • 25 km from Charles de Gaulle
  • 40 km from Paris (26 minutes from Gare du Nord by train)
  • 12 km from Senlis

life quality in chantilly

It is a small town of 12 000 inhabitants which is a sought-after address for many foreigners for several reasons:

  • It is surrounded by the forest and it has a lot of charm and facilities
  • There is a large community of English-speaking families living in the area
  • There is a private primary bilingual Montessori school

Next to Chantilly you have also a few very pleasant small towns (Gouvieux, Lamorlaye, Coye-la-ForĂȘt) which have a lot to offer for people working in the north of Paris or in the industrial estates of Creil and Clermont.

life quality in chantilly

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